Optimize your Pizza Operation

Running an operation that centers on providing fresh pizza is an art. From the freshly prepared dough to the delicious final product, a lot of love is put into making the final product that ends up in the customer's hands. At Metro, we believe in helping shop owners to make the best product possible while also improving their processes to make operations quicker and more efficient.

Here the experts at Metro will lay out what you can do to improve your kitchen processes.

Invest in a Heated Cabinet

First, when preparing the dough, use a combination holding and proofing cabinet. The proofing setting is excellent to properly proof dough before it goes into the cooler. This unit can then be switched to hot holding for finished pizzas during business hours.

Heated cabinets are an overall great investment due to their flexibility when paired with a combination module heated cabinet.

Use Adaptable Vertical Storage

Rolling pan racks can are an excellent solution for cooling dough after it is finished proofing. They can, however, limit the amount of usable storage space in your walk-in cooler. To alleviate this issue, invest in vertical storage solutions with an open area on the bottom to place pan racks. This will give you additional storage while also incorporating a distinct place for pan racks to be stored.

Efficiency in the Cooking Process

Once the dough is prepped and ready to be baked, ensure that you have a workstation prepared to efficiently take on the prep process. Workstations with additional storage can be extremely helpful. The addition of wall storage and ingredient stations can help to speed up the process.

Placing the prep table near the oven can also be beneficial for the overall baking process. Adding all these elements into an assembly-line style operation is a great way to improve your operation speed.

Pizza Box Organization

For the efficient storage of pizza boxes, invest in a divider system to keep them organized and easy-to-build. Metro provides box-sized dividers that are specially designed to hold pizza boxes in place before they are built. After they are prepped for use, overhead storage can keep them in reach for immediate access after pizzas come out of the oven. Another efficient way to store pizza boxes would be a specific unit that holds the sole purpose of organizing and moving pizza boxes to where they are needed.

Clean Up

After the pizza has been cooked, it's time to do dishes. Over time we have discovered that the best way to keep dish rooms organized and efficient is to invest in dividers and pan holders capable of holding individual pizza trays and pans upright for efficient and safe drying after washing. This also helps to keep them organized when they are needed the next day.

Maintaining Quality after Baking

To hold pizzas safe and temperate after baking, use a heated cabinet or heated shelf. These solutions are specially designed to maintain quality after baking. Delight your customers with warm pizzas every time! Metro's heated shelves can be paired with normal Super Erecta units and provide one of the most customizable heated solutions on the market.