Q&A With Dave Salus :Why Two Bin?

Dave Salus ( Group Manager, Healthcare at Metro) Weighs in on new two - bin solutions and the benefits they provide:

Q: What is the benefit of using a two bin storage-inventory system in healthcare from both a clinical and financial standpoint?

A :The qwikSLOT system has specially designed slotted posts that provide ultimate flexibility to easily readjust or reconfigure shelves to accommodate changing supplies. It features a slanted shelf option that maximizes storage space and increases visibility, ultimately driving nurse efficiency in finding supplies. Coupling the qwikSLOT features 

Q&A With Dave Salus :Why Two Bin?

with clear bins and color coding options drives added efficiency in a Two-Bin process. Having the right amount of supplies on hand, and making them easy to find and easy to identify what needs replenishing drives confidence in the process, reducing hoarding, increasing patient care time, reducing supply management replenishment time, increasing supply management’s service capacity are just a few of the results that can drive a positive impact to overall operating costs.

Q: What types of products are Metro storage solutions best suited for?

A: The qwikSLOT Two-Bin system is typically used to drive efficiency in low value consumables typically found in Clean Supply rooms on patient floors, outpatient areas, and other patient support areas. These supply rooms provide the protection and security needed for the supplies, yet are easily accessible by staff. The open shelving design and clear bins provide easy access both physically and visually.

The Starsys Two-Bin system is best suited for use in high use or urgent supplies in areas located outside the supply room for convenient easy access. It is a solution for easily accessing supplies that require a level of contained protection due to their proximity to common areas, like the emergency department or to procedural areas, like in the operating room or sterile core.

Q: Are there any tricks or advice to share on how to best utilize two-bin storage in order to get the most out of it?

A: Deploying a system should not be done so lightly. To establish a successful two bin process takes months of planning, reviewing SKUs, usage patterns, required quantity, the time it takes to replenish and not to mention the space required. As part of this lean process the type of shelving should be considered, what depth shelf?, does it slant?, etc, and the space required. Are you limited by existing storage space? Have you evaluated what could be available, i.e. can you create additional storage space by removing old cabinet, that are underutilized or no longer really used? Does some renovation need to be factored in and added to the timeline and budget.

Using clear bins can be greatly beneficial when utilizing the two bin storage system. Clear bins allow the workers to see what is in the bin, provide a brighter work environment, and will not create confusion with a color code system. It also helps alleviate the issue of running out of bins by getting rid of the need to have bins of various colors in stock. The color coding is still a very valuable components in enhancing the two bin process and eliminating waste for the stakeholders.

Color coding can be achieved with shelf markers, colored label holders or simply colored stickers. No matter how it’s accomplished it will be welcomed by the nursing staff who is hunting for that supply.

Consider hiring a service provider, like Blue Bin, that specializes in two bin process and can assist with all of the needed analytics and equipment deployment. Reach out to your GPO, they will have lean experts on staff who can be an invaluable resource.

Work with a storage solution provider, like Metro -that can provide the various solutions needed, open, enclosed, on a slanted shelf, in wire basket or a clear bin… leveraging from one source will cut down on the aggravation of working with multiple contacts, deliveries and expectations.

Q:Does the new Metro system offer anything unique compared to other similar storage solutions? What would you want purchasing teams and value analysis committees to know about this product -- why is it a good investment?

A : Super Erecta qwikSLOT shelving and Starsys Two Bin system are the most flexible and adjustable shelving units on the market. The systems are designed to be clean, attractive, durable, organized, easily adjustable, and provide maximum storage capacity. These solutions are a good investment because they are specially designed to increase organization and decrease the time spent on supply management. The units greatly increase the speed in which people can find and replace supplies. The increased visibility, with slanted shelves and clear bins, makes searching for supplies easier on the staff and allows more space for supplies to be displayed. These qwikSLOT systems improve the look of the supply area, make it more efficient, and utilize space better than others. Durability and performance are major factors to take into account when considering a two bin product; our company has worked hard to make sure these Metro solutions are high quality and durable. Metro is a long trusted brand in storage and transport with a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative products. Metro prides itself on customer- centric solutions and have built professional relationships on the trust and performance you have come to expect.