Reduce Hospital Noise by Choosing the Right Carts

A recent article in appearing in Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo’s The Leaflet discussed the issue of “noise” within healthcare environments. As anyone who as ever stepped foot into a hospital can attest, the beeps, dings, ringing cell phones and the constant conversations all add up to noisy environment that arguably isn’t very conducive to the healing process. The article goes on to detail a number of different options that facility planners have in terms of building materials and room design, but did you know that you can reduce noise in your facility by choosing the right cart?

Reduce Hospital Noise by Choosing the Right Carts

Squeaky wheels and the rattling metal of rolling medical carts combined with the hard (i.e. non-sound absorbing) floor can really add to the noise level in the patient care areas. When evaluating which carts to “roll out” in your facility, it is important to look for carts that been designed to include noise dampening properties.

When it comes to quiet performance, polymer carts are superior to their painted metal counterparts. Painted metal is a hard and reflective surface that will reverberate sound and contribute to the overall noise level. Polymer is a highly durable material and carts constructed of this material generally tend to be much quieter.

If the application requires a metal cart, such as a surgical case cart, be sure to choose a cart that contains the following properties:

Noise dampening sides, back, interior door embossments and softer casters to cut down on vibration noise

Shelf and door bumpers to reduce rattling between metal components

Reinforcement channels to stiffen the cart top and floor, dampening vibration and reducing deflection

We’d love to hear how you’re reducing noise in your facility. Let us know what you’re doing in the comments section below. Metro has a full line of products designed for quiet performance. Click the link to schedule a demo for your facility.