Upgrade Your Security Storage with Metro Security Storage with SlideSecure Space Saving Door

Laboratories, commercial kitchens, and industrial businesses all have unique storage needs. However, they do have at least one thing in common: the need for security. Security shelving is a viable option for items at high risk for theft that can integrate with your facility’s existing storage solution.

At Metro, we know that for many businesses, security is just as important as organization when it comes to shelving. We offer several security shelving options, including our new SlideSecure Space Saving Door.

What is Security Shelving?

Security shelving is a specialized storage solution that deters theft and protects valuable items while maintaining visibility. These security cages are built ruggedly and durable, can withstand the rigors of commercial work, and, in some cases, are corrosion-resistant for use in wet or damp environments.

Sometimes, businesses can dedicate a closet or room to storing valuables under lock and key; however, limited space often makes this impossible. If you need to keep high-value items secure while maintaining easy access, lockable storage cages are a great solution.

Most security cages and lockable shelving units have a heavy-gauge, open-wire design that allows you to see what is stored inside but limits access with a lock. Metro offers Super Erecta and MetroMax Q security shelving options and three finishes for multiple environments and applications: chrome, epoxy-coated, and stainless steel. We also offer two-door configurations: a traditional swing-out door and a new SlideSecure Space Saving Door.

Benefits of Metro Security Shelving

All businesses can benefit from adding some security measures to their storage room. But why choose a wire security cage over other lockable storage solutions? Here are some of the many benefits of Metro’s Security Shelving:

  • Protects inventory and equipment: Inventory and equipment are likely your two biggest assets, and lockable storage cages keep these items secure while maintaining access.
  • Efficient inventory management: The wire construction of our security shelving units allows staff to quickly locate items, conduct quick stock checks, and identify low stock levels before they become a problem, ensuring a smooth flow of operations.
  • Reduce shrinkage: When used with proper inventory management practices, security shelving can greatly reduce shrinkage by deterring unauthorized access and pilferage.
  • Increased time and efficiency: Maintaining an organized and secure storage system allows staff to locate items quickly, minimizing time spent searching for missing or misplaced inventory/supplies.
  • Easy relocation: Stationary and mobile security shelving units are easy to assemble and relocate.
  • Adjustability: Our easily adjustable shelf allows flexibility to meet changing needs. Shelves can be positioned in 1" (25mm) increments along the entire post height.
  • Peace of mind: When your high-value items are secure, you can focus on running your operation smoothly without worrying about theft or loss.

Wire Security Cage Applications

Wire security shelving can be used anywhere items must be kept secure yet accessible. However, Metro’s heavy-duty security shelving units are most popular in foodservice and commercial applications, such as restaurants, chains, caterers, warehouses, and laboratories.

Here are some of the most common applications for Metro security shelves:

Foodservice Applications

  • Alcohol storage
  • High-value proteins in cooler/freezer*
  • Equipment storage
  • Employee valuables storage

Commercial Applications

  • IT storage
  • Protecting power tools
  • Sensitive item storage
  • Chemical storage

Metro Super Erecta and MetroMax Q security shelving are available with casters, transforming your security storage into a mobile unit. This makes it easy to move items safely around your facility.

*We recommend using either a MetroMax security unit or a Metro Super Erecta Metroseal green unit for cooler and freezer applications. The Metroseal 3 epoxy coating helps keep your unit cleaner between cleanings.

Metro Security Storage with SlideSecure Space Saving Door

In addition to our original security shelving unit that features double doors that swing open at 270 degrees, our new SlideSecure Space Saving Door keeps your aisles open and access unobstructed. As the first wire security storage unit with a sliding door, you can add peace of mind to your facility no matter how constrained your space is.

Traditional hinged door units require a set amount of aisle space to fully open (24” for a 48” unit and 30” for a 60” unit). A sliding door, on the other hand, requires less than an inch of aisle space to open. This makes security units with SlideSecure Space Saving Door a more innovative option for use in hallways and other high-traffic areas.

Another benefit of Metro’s SlideSecure Space Saving Door is that it can be integrated into track shelving without obstructing floor space. You can add security to your qwikTRAK or Top-Track high-density shelving system without altering your active aisle space to accommodate a hinged door.

Invest in Security and Peace of Mind with Metro Security Shelving

At Metro, our security shelving offers a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your valuable inventory regardless of industry. Our wide range of security shelving unit sizes, configurations, and finishes are designed to meet your specific needs while maintaining the highest standards of function.

When you choose Metro security shelving, you're investing in the security of your inventory, the efficiency of your operations, and the peace of mind of your staff.

Ready to safeguard your stuff? View our entire collection of security shelving on our website