What Is Metroseal?

Metro is known for its iconic wire shelving. But over time, there have been many changes made to improve this classic product to make it perform better in the environments it is utilized. One such invention is Metroseal.

This innovative coating was designed to provide wire shelving stability in areas where wire would usually rust or corrode.

How does Metroseal work?

Metroseal is comprised of two separate but equally important layers. The first is a zinc chromate plated layer that helps maintain the shelf's structural integrity while also protecting it from red rust. The top epoxy layer is hydrophobic, making it an excellent solution for use in wet environments.

This layer also includes a built-in Microban antimicrobial that helps fight the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria to keep product cleaner between cleanings. Metroseal is NSF approved for wet environments.

This is an important distinction because many believe that all epoxy is safe for use in wet environments. However, epoxy solutions without that additional zinc layer are still prone to red rust.

Metroseal is used in multiple Metro products and comes in two color designs to fit any environment.

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