What Type of Shelving Does Your Cannabis Grow Need?

What type of shelving makes for an efficient and effective grow process? The equipment you use for growing cannabis says a lot about your operation. Without the proper shelving systems, you may struggle to operate at full efficiency. Whether you're furnishing a new grow room, or you're updating your facility's equipment, the right shelving can go a long way. From adjustable shelving to security carts, there are many different systems for you to choose from.

 Deciding Which Shelves Are Best for Your Operation

Answer these questions to help you narrow down your search based on your unique needs:

1. How many storage trays and other equipment will you be placing on your shelves?
2. Will you need to adjust and re-arrange the placement your shelves frequently?
3. Do you require specialized shelving systems for security or efficiency?
4. Are you interested in a specific material such as plastic or stainless steel?

Types of Shelving for Cannabis Grows

There are many different types of shelving to choose from:

  1. Adjustable Shelving

    Adjustable wire and plastic shelving systems are a great resource when you need to adapt to new equipment or space requirements quickly.

  2. Basket Shelving

    Locate all of your important cannabis trimmers, clone kits, and grow tools quickly and easily using convenient basket shelving systems.

  3. Mobile Shelving

    From heavy-duty bases to light wire exchange carts, mobile shelving gives your grow the versatility it needs to be successful.

  4. Plastic Shelving

    Polymer shelves, steel corners, reinforced support, and easy-to-clean surfaces make plastic shelving systems an excellent choice for your operation.

  5. Security Shelving

    If you're concerned about the security of your plants, then you should consider using inventory-management security cages, carts, and shelves.

  6. Track Shelving

    Track shelving enables you to stock more of your product and tools on each shelf while freeing up valuable space for other grow equipment.

  7. Wire Shelving

    When you're looking for standard storage equipment for your growing needs, you can't go wrong with standard, flexible, and reliable wire shelving systems.