30% of Third-Party delivery drivers Admit to Skimming Food

Third-party delivery services have taken the foodservice industry by storm. In the modern age of technology, ordering and receiving food has never been easier. While sitting on the couch, consumers can choose their food items, pay, and receive them with minimal effort.

This convenience has caused consistent growth in the utilization of third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, and UberEats.

According to Restaurant insider, 31% of the consumers surveyed in a recent study received meals from third party delivery services at least two times a week.

It seems like a perfect set up, food arriving on your doorstep without moving or interacting with people in any way, but if it ever appears the restaurant skimped on your fries… It might be best you don’t eat the rest.

In a recent survey conducted by US Foods, a national restaurant supplier, it was discovered that about 30% of third party delivery drivers have stolen food from orders after leaving the restaurant.

“We are sorry to report that sometimes, impulse gets the best of deliverers, and they violate their sacred duty by taking some food!” US Foods said in a recent statement.

Now, this may seem bad, but it could be worse. The same study concluded that about 54% of drivers are tempted by the smell of orders while driving….

What do the consumers think about this?

On a scale of 1 -10 where 1 represented “ no big deal” and 10 signified “absolutely unacceptable, consumers averaged out at an 8.4 when asked If they minded if a third- party delivery driver took some food from their orders.

So as expected after losing some fries, they are a little hangry…

Don’t worry delivery services and restaurants have ways to keep food safe and untouched.

Restaurants have started placing sticker seals and wrap to ensure that packaging remains intact, and food is kept in its original condition.

Third-Party services have also come forward to ensure their customers are getting a safe, untouched meal.
In a recent interview with NPR, a representative of Postsmates stated that food- tampering cases make up under 0.06% of the reports the office receives.

Postmates also released a statement saying that the delivery service still requires “each person who completes a delivery using Postmates to expressly agree that all food and goods delivered will arrive in a tamper-free form and in compliance with all applicable food health and safety laws."

In the end, it may seem like third- party services are evil fry stealers, but a majority of drivers aren’t stealing food. Plus, how else can we get food delivered while binge-watching our favorite shows?

That may cause a chuckle, but 57% of millennials in a recent study admitted to ordering delivery for the sole reason of watching television at home.

I love our generation, and that’s not sarcastic, we will pay a few extra dollars, so we don’t have to turn off Stranger Things. We are truly living, and I love it! Anywho….

These services have also helped boost restaurant’s incomes where delivery has become available.

So, overall, third-party services are changing the game, and even though there are some fry thieves out there, perhaps that is the price of innovation and convenience.

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