Introducing NEW HotBlox Cabinets: Holding Cabinets for Commercial Kitchens

Holding cabinets are an integral part of any commercial kitchen that serves hot food. Whether operating a fast food restaurant, catering service, or an institutional kitchen, the right holding cabinets could save you time and labor and ultimately increase your bottom line. 

At Metro, we are proud to offer our new HotBlox holding cabinets that adapt to your unique space and menu needs. Keep reading to learn more about HotBlox hot holding cabinets.

Versatile Holding Cabinets to Meet Your Needs

HotBlox cabinets offer a compact holding system with endless customization options to build your ideal holding solution. HotBlox holding cabinets come in three space-saving size options to maximize storage, no matter the size of your commercial kitchen. These cabinets can be placed in narrow areas, stacked on top of other units, or placed on top of counters to provide the most efficient hot holding solutions. 

HotBlox Sizes: 

The smallest option is a narrow design that holds four pans and measures about 20" W and 25.6" D. This size perfectly matches operations with smaller holding needs and limited space. They can also be paired with other 4-pan units or a narrow 8-pan for stacking.

The narrow 8-pan 20"W x 25.6"D can be stacked with any other narrow units. In addition, Metro offers a wide 8-pan model measuring 25"W x 30.6"D for larger pans. This unit can be stacked with other wide 8-pan models.

Metro Holding Cabinets

Customization Options & Features: 

At Metro, we believe your equipment should work for you, which is why our products are customizable with additional accessories

All cabinets can be customized with clear or solid doors and varying caster options for transport. Each cabinet can also be customized to include either an analog or digital control. The analog control includes an "always on" thermometer, making it ideal for transport.

The digital controller includes a display for humidity levels, built-in timers and alarms, HACCP data logging, and an easy-to-use touchscreen.

Each cabinet can also be used for crisp or humid holding.

The holding cabinet has a built-in convection system for crisp holding that draws humidity up and releases it out of a rear vent as the front door vent pulls in the fresh air.

For moisture-retention holding, placing a pan of water at the bottom of the cabinet allows the cabinet's radiant element to create humidity to keep food delicious and moist.

Metro HotBlox Holding Cabinets

Choose HotBlox for Versatile, Right-Size Holding

With restaurants needing various types of holding based on food options, HotBlox presents a better way to keep food delicious without taking up too much space. 

Two HotBlox cabinets take up the same space as a traditional cabinet. The difference is that each HotBlox cabinet is customized to hold dishes to maintain quality. Whether you're looking to keep your fried foods crispy or your pasta moist, HotBlox can handle the job. 

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