Technology Lab Solutions To Control Static

Tech labs require a specific environment to keep materials safe. From the need to eliminate any potential static to the need to minimize particulates in the area, it is imperative to have the right tools to keep your operation safe. Metro offers a variety of solutions designed to maintain the safest possible environment for PCBs, hard drives, and sub-assemblies

Wire Tray Carts

Wire tray carts provide an organized environment to hold materials. Individual trays offer plenty of space to keep individual parts separate and organized.

Proper PCB carts should also actively work against static. A grounding wire along with an ESD cover can add the protection you need while the cart is in use.

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ESD Protection Trays

Metro ESD molded fiberglass trays are a perfect solution. These trays are designed to provide maximum efficiency and protection. The Metro SmartTray makes tracking goods easier with the use of barcode technology.

To help keep materials from being compromised, the trays are created with Metrostat a material created specifically for ESD protection.

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ESD Tray Inlays

ESD Tray Inlays offer an additional layer of protection when holding electronics. The inlays are highly resistant to heat, chemicals, and abrasions. Each tray inlay offers a top layer that is built to use in soldering and assembly spaces.

The inlay also provides an added layer of static protection.

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Electronic Cart Covers

Cart covers help to maintain a static-free environment. Metro ESD cart covers have a conductive outside with a static dissipative inside. The cover also includes a pouch on the side for easier access to paperwork.

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When outfitting your electronics lab it is important that all the solutions you bring in actively work to help your team maintain static control. At Metro, solutions are built specifically to take pristine care of your electronic components.

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