Cannabis Solutions

Cannabis Solutions

Metro knows that the process makes the product. Utilizing the right equipment when it comes to processing cannabis is crucial to cultivating a product your customers will be proud to buy. We have served the Scientific, Healthcare, and Foodservice industries for over 80 years. Metro brings to the cannabis industry what it has expertly provided in other markets; process perfection. We have successfully provided solutions to some of the largest growers in the world, and continue to innovate new and exciting ways to maximize your crop's yield and grow facility's overall efficiency.



Before entering a Cannabis grow facility it is important to prevent contamination of the facility by bacteria, fungus, and mold by changing into sterile clothing in a gowning room. Utilizing clothing such as face masks, hair nets, gloves, and coveralls help to protect a facility, and maintain a controlled environment.

Why Metro?

Metro has helped some of the top labs in the world layout their gowning rooms. Creating a sterile cannabis growing process is something that Metro understands.

  • High quality products that help create and protect a sterile environment
  • Cleanable, corrosion-resistant solutions protect facilities from contamination
  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel for easy cleanablity, and a product that will last

Recommended Products:Gowning BenchGowning RackStainless Steel Worktable





The propagation of new plants in your operation are done in a cloning room. Clippings, or cultures of plant matter are placed under lighting systems on sterile shelves to begin the rooting process. Once plants have rooted and begin to grow they will be moved to a Vegetative room to grow to their full potential.

Why Metro?

Metro brings solutions that are easily cleanable and provide high density products that help grow more healthy clones in a smaller footprint without sacrificing accessibility of clones.

  • Adjustable shelving helps meet ideal light spacing
  • Highly customizable to meet your rooms dimensions
  • High density track shelving helps find more space for clones
  • Cleanable shelving protects against mold, fungus, and Bacteria

Recommended Products:MetroMax ShelvingTop Track SystemsStainless Steel TablesDunnage racks




Vegetative & Flowering

Plants are grown to full potential then moved into a flowering room to begin the transition into the flowering stage. This is achieved by simulating Fall which helps the plants begin budding. High density of plants along with the need for healthy airflow is crucial for a successful grow.

Why Metro?

Transport of high value product is something that metro has done time and again. Sturdy and cleanable dollies, Carts and Mobile units will help transport your plants along your process safely.

  • Easy transport of plants from room to room
  • Quality sturdy products that protect high quality products and harvest
  • Cleanable & corrosion resistant (Microban) that stops the growth of organic contaminants

Recommended Products:Mobile Wire CartsMetroMax CartsDunnage



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In a temperature controlled room plants are either hung by their stems or trimmed and placed to dry on trays. Humidity, temperature, and cleanliness are essential to creating a quality product. Here is where there can be a high risk of contamination due to improper cleaning of handling materials, and high levels of moisture.

Why Metro?

Metro's drying solutions have been designed in partnership with some of the largest cannabis growers in the world. Our solution creates maximum airflow for hung plants and allows for maximum efficient density.

  • Mobile Drying racks allow easy access and transport of product to final processing areas
  • Corrosion resistant solutions protect from oxidization of racking and other surfaces
  • Convertible solutions allow for tray drying or hang drying processes and help meet internal process.

Recommended Products:Drying RackTop Track SystemsCartsSmartWallCannabis Tray Drying Rack




Trimming & Packaging

Workers skillfully trim dried buds to have an aesthetically pleasing look while also creating a more potent & easy smoking product, ultimately increasing the value of the cannabis.

Why Metro?

Trimming is one of the most demanding jobs in the cannabis industry and creating an ergonomic solution for trimmers is what we set out to do. Effective and efficient, Metro's trimming solutions help increase the productivity of your trimmers while increasing your production.

  • Higher efficiency in the trimming process
  • Ergonomic workstations help to keep employees comfortable and productive
  • Cleanable surfaces make for an environment that protects against contamination
  • Increased productivity of processes and workers leads to higher quality and production

Recommended Products:Trim TableStainless Steel WorktablesCarts




Store & Secure

Securing final product during the curing process or securely storing cannabis that is ready to be sold is important in any operation. High value products are often the target of pilferage, and protecting your crop is important.

Why Metro?

Protecting high value product is what our security cages were designed to do. Not are they protected, but you can SEE they are protected.

  • Heavy duty security that helps protect valuable items
  • Cleanable, corrosion resistant solutions protects facilities from contamination
  • Visibly see that valuables are protected in either our SES or MAX security cages

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