Environmental Rooms Gallery

  • 100% Rust-Proof Shelving

    Corrosion proof performance, proven Metro stability, and unrivaled value.

  • Corrosion proof performance.

    All polymer construction is corrosion proof and impact resistance to last a lifetime.

  • Active Aisles in Environmental Rooms

    Create up to 40% more space with the use of active aisle high-density storage.

  • Storage Design in Environmental Rooms

    Design your ideal environmental storage space.

  • Utilize All of Your Space

    Metro offers multiple shelf sizes to make the most of your space.

  • High-Density in Environmental Rooms

    Put your space to work with space-saving active isles.

  • Clean and Efficient High Density Shelving

    Achieve clean and efficient storage with easy-to-clean, high-density shelving.

  • Get Creative with Custom Storage

    Don't waste space in your environmental room. Use custom solutions.

  • MetroMax i Environmental Shelving

    Using corrosion-proof MetroMax shelving offers a huge amount of benefits in environmental rooms.

  • Keep Materials Locked Down

    When security is a priority, keep materials safe with a security cage.

  • High Density Lab Shelving

    Find your ideal high density shelving from Metro.

  • High Density Epoxy Shelving

    Metro epoxy shelves are corrosion-resistant and built for tough environments.

  • Corrosion-Proof Stationary Shelving Units

    Metro offers stationary units with corrosion-proof materials for use in difficult environments.

  • Corrosion-resistant Security Cages

    Security cages for difficult or controlled environments.

  • Making the Most of Environmental Room Space

    Add space with creative one-of-a-kind storage from Metro.

  • Enclosure Panels for Safety

    Keep supplies safe from falling with enclosure panels.