Holding Cabinets

Foodservice Holding Cabinets to Fit your Exact Needs 

Metro offers a variety of high-performance heated holding cabinets to fit the exact needs of your facility. Many commercial kitchens need to contend with not only creating the perfect dish but holding cooked items for long periods without compromising quality. Metro holding cabinets are designed with different levels of moisture and temperature control to hold any dish properly.

No matter what your team is holding, Metro has an ideal holding cabinet configuration.


Metro heated holding cabinets offer a solution for every need. With a combination of modules built to provide the perfect amount of heat and humidity, you can rest assured that your dishes are being held properly. In addition, Metro heated cabinets come in various styles and insulation types to fit your team's exact needs.

Our C5 9,8 and 6 Series offer very efficient high- density fiberglass insulation with many ENERGY STAR models to choose from which can save money over time and can pay for itself with energy savings within 1-4 years.  Additionally, 9 & 8 Series cabinets now offer an unmatched level of control with the new simple touch 6.8” high resolution touchscreen display.

If you are looking for a lower initial investment, the C5 4 & 3 series heated cabinets offer a lower upfront cost with an external layer of Insulation Armor, which insulates the cabinet and also makes it cool-to-touch, protecting employees from hot surfaces

For basic functionality with the lowest upfront cost, Metro offers two non-insulated cabinets, 1 Series and E-Series.


When on the go, insulation is a critical factor in maintaining food quality. Metro offers multiple insulation options to fit your transport and holding needs.

Metro C5 T-Series is built for transport and suitable for any mobile application, and with it’s polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation has the best temperature retention capabilities and is also the most durable. 3 and 4 series are also good choices for transport because Insulation Armor insulates the cabinet and has built-in handles and bumpers that make them easier to mover and help protect them while in transit.

Still unsure what model cabinet your team needs? View our Cabinet Buyer’s Guide.