Surgical Case Carts

Metro® Surgical Case Carts: Designed by YOU 

Metro offers multiple styles of case carts with various models and configurations built for your team's exact needs.  

CaseVue® Case Carts  

Metro’s premier line of case carts was purposefully designed with industry experts to include accessories and design options for ergomomic transportof instruments and supplies to and from the operating room.  

CaseVue closed-case carts come in a clear door or solid door design based on preference. Each door style includes an OSHA compliant indicator to determine whether the cart contents are clean or a biohazard.  

To identify the status of a cart , CaseVue surgical case carts include the option to add communication flags. These flags provide a clear indication to staff that the cart is complete and “Ready” for the procedure, or “Missing Items” needing to be filled before the procedure, or the cart is ready for return with “Biohazard” materials oboard or a clean “Return” because of a case cancellation. 

CaseVue includes multiple design features to make moving carts and accessing materials easier for staff.  

These unique surgical case carts include the industry’s only swing-up, height-adjustable ergonomic handle to make the cart easier to maneuver when pushing or added clearance whem pushing.  It also provides a convenient mid-level handle for moving taller carts.  

The optional 5th-wheel steering provides maximum control during transit and more manageable turning capabilities. Its intuitive design allows the user to easily engage for transport, and disengage for easier positioning in the hallway or around the surgical table. 

To provide easy access to the cart's contents, Casvue case carts offer shelves that pull out. This provides user better access to materials in the back of the cart or the ability to grab the back handle of an instrument container.  

For increased comfort when removing the cart  from the cart wash, CaseVue includes cool-to-touch handles. These rugged stainless steel handles have a polymer coating that is designed to eliminate the need for a protective cloth (or oven mitt) when retrieving the hot cart at the end of a wash/dry cycle.  

Stainless Steel Open Case Carts  

For workflows that offer dedicated clean and dirty pathways, or surgical areas with a sterile core, Metro offers a variety of wire or solid shelf open cart options to efficiently handle picking and/or  O.R. case delivery.  

These medical case carts can be customized to your team’s needs in various ways. All stainless steel wire or solid shelf carts offer ultimate corrosion resistance. Because they often do not have sides, backs or doors, they are much lighter and easier to move than their enclosed counterparts. 

Metro’s open case carts can be configured with your choice of shelves.  Super Adjustable Super Erecta® stainless wire shelves  provide you  the flexibility to easily adjust the shelves based on the spacing you need. Metro’s Super Erecta solid shelves can be used as the solid bottom shelf for a wire shelf unit, or to construct an all solid shelf cart, which would be the ideal configuration for blue wrapped trays. Either style cart is highly customizable with stackable ledges or enclosure panels to help contain materials during transport.  

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