Metro Super Erecta EZ-ADD Wire Shelf, Metroseal Green


Product Description

Metro Super Erecta EZ-ADD Wire Shelf, Metroseal Green

Quickly add more storage to your Metro wire shelving with Super Erecta EZ-ADD Wire Shelves. The EZ-ADD Wire Shelf is designed to be easily added to an existing Metro wire shelving unit without dismantling the unit, minimizing the time and frustration associated with reconfiguring shelving.

The patent-pending, one-piece polymer collar has a built-in bead that captures the groove in a 1" (25 mm) diameter Super Erecta SiteSelect post. A stainless lock plate ensures a tight fit for the collar assembly and holds the shelf in position.

Super Erecta EZ-ADD Wire Shelves are compatible with Super Erecta, Super Adjustable Super Erecta, and Super Erecta Pro shelving; and can be used in many different applications, such as stationary and mobile shelving, security shelving, and track shelving solutions. EZ-ADD wire shelves must be used within a Super Erecta shelving unit having four posts and a minimum of two traditional shelves (SES, SASE, SES Pro) located at the top and bottom of the unit.

Metroseal Green epoxy-coated finish is ideal for wet, damp, and high humidity environments. Built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection fights the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that cause stains, odors, and product degradation.

Super Erecta EZ-ADD shelves have a load rating of 400lbs (181kg), evenly distributed. Unit load ratings are dependent on the number of Super Erecta shelves, Super Adjustable shelves, Super Erecta Pro shelves, and/or three-sided double snake frames used. Please see Spec Sheet for additional details.

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