Clear Supply Bins

Clear Bins to help organize your supplies

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Clear Supply Bin Solutions

Convenient way to organize and identify small items.

  • Hopper-front design allows for easy access and clear visibility
  • Lightweight, durable industrial grade plastic bins have molded front slots to accept labels
  • Eight sizes available

Shelf Bins - Nesting
Available in a variety of sizes, shelf bins can be used
to compartmentalize exchange carts or to store small patient
care items. Shelf bins are designed to nest, to reduce box size
for shipping. When used in a two bin process, the empty bins
can be nested to occupy less space in the replenishment area.
Dividers are avaliable as accessories

Supply Bins - Stacking or hanging
Available in 11 sizes, these clear supply bins have a stackable design which
maximizes vertical storage efficiency and a reinforced design that adds strength
and prevents spreading. Rear lip enables them to be hung on wall panels

 Compatible with Louvered Wall Panel. Learn More here

 Stock Bins - Stacking
These larger supply bins are stacking only, designed for heavier loads and bigger, bulkier items