10- year-old Girl Steals Mother’s Car to get McDonald’s

Kansas City- Early morning on July 31, police were called to respond to a two-vehicle accident involving a Chevy Tahoe and Honda Pilot.

It seemed like a regular accident call, but when police arrived on the scene, they were stunned to find that the driver of the Tahoe was a 10-year-old-girl.

Now you may be wondering.. What is a child doing stealing their parent’s car?

Well.. It was all to get some McDonald’s for breakfast.

According to Newsweek, the girl woke up and simply was in the mood for some fast food. While her mother was sleeping, she stole her family’s SUV and went to get breakfast from the popular fast-food chain on her own.

She was able to make it multiple miles in the vehicle before eventually getting lost and colliding with another driver.

"She attempted to turn at 12th and Olive, but since she was an unlicensed 10-year-old, she failed to yield to the Honda coming in the opposite direction," police said in a statement.

Don’t worry; the young girl left with only a few bumps and bruises and the driver of the other vehicle left unharmed. The cars involved in the wreck, both sustained substantial damage from the collision.

What is especially interesting about this is that McDonald’s was just in the news for another strange incident when an officer publicly apologized to the company over a case involving a McChicken.

The Mystery of the McChicken: Police Officer believes a McDonald's Employee took a bite out of his sandwich. What really happened will Shock you...

It seems that in recent weeks, McDonald’s can’t seem to stay away from odd happenings.

Anyway, in the story of our young driver, she was taken to the hospital to ensure her safety and no, she didn’t end up receiving McDonald’s.

I believe this to be a clear sign that McDonald's should focus on delivery..

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