4 Pieces of Equipment for Grocery E- Commerce

Adding an online shopping program requires many additions and changes to policy and equipment needs. In this article, we will cover some of the equipment you will need to invest in for an e-commerce operation.

4 Pieces of Equipment for Grocery E- Commerce

4 Pieces of Equipment for Grocery E- Commerce

1. Specialized Picking Carts-

Specialized picking carts are used to assemble orders as they come in through online ordering. These carts should be easy to maneuver through the aisles of the store. It should also be sturdy to ensure that it can handle the weight of multiple orders at once. Your cart should also be designed to organize orders easily with labels, dividers, and bins. This will help to add efficiency to your e-commerce operation and make training your staff on the use of the cart easier.

Cart-Style Breakdown-

Multiple tub carts- Pickers generally have to gather goods for multiple orders at the same time, so sturdy carts that hold multiple plastic tubs -- such as multi-tiered tote box carriers -- make the job more organized and rapid. If the cart has an attached laptop or computer pad tray, it is easier for a picker to keep track of customers’ grocery lists and to message them when substitutions are necessary.

Foldable utility carts- When in use, foldable carts with polypropylene shelves are ideal for storing customer pickup orders or transporting bins of goods to stock shelves. At times when not needed, they fold to occupy less space in your e-commerce storeroom.

2. Storage Racks

Adjust-ability, portability, and economical use of space are important considerations when selecting shelving for an in-store, e-commerce storage room. Having racks for storing orders while they await customer pickup is essential. It is necessary that the shelves that you create make it easy to keep orders organized and easy to grab for a quick product turn- around. To achieve maximum efficiency, be sure to have an efficient labeling system. An efficient labeling system will make it easy to distinguish between orders and to limit the amount of mix-ups with orders. Also, dividers are extremely helpful when trying to keep orders separate. Dividers can keep smaller products from getting mixed in with other orders and make it easy to grab the products more efficiently. Many dividers are also designed to be adjusted easily to accommodate bigger orders.

Mobile Heating and Refrigeration

Having a way to keep orders at a safe temperature for consumption is very important. To do this, invest in a hot holding or refrigeration unit. Grocers who want to fit delivery trucks with portable temperature-controlled storage may want to consider wheeled transport cabinets such as ones with non-powered, insulated walls.

Holding Cabinet Breakdown

Hot holding- Holding cabinets can be a significant benefit to any food-based operation. These handy units allow you to keep large amounts of food at a safe heating temperature. Holding cabinets come in an array of different types, sizes, colors, and models. For more information on hot - holding solutions check out our blog 5 Things to Consider when choosing a Holding Cabinet.

Refrigeration- Refrigeration cabinets are very similar to hot holding cabinets; they are just used to cool foods rather than heat them. When choosing a refrigeration cabinet, it is crucial to consider how well it is insulated, as thicker insulation saves on energy use. It is also essential to decide the inner workings of the cabinet to ensure maximum efficiency when accessing products.

4. Delivery vans or trucks

Vans and Trucks are necessary for the distribution of products from the store to the consumers home. The bigger the vehicle, the more product a single driver can move from place to place. When setting up a delivery service, it is essential to go in with a game plan. Assigning delivery as the sole task of a group of staff members is a good idea, in part, because it makes the process more efficient. The drivers develop knowledge of the quickest routes to take within different parts of the coverage area at specific times of the day. For more tips on delivery download our Grocery E- Commerce Ebook and check out Chapter 8 which focuses entirely on delivery.