4 Ways to (Properly) Waste Space in the Kitchen

Here are some ways space could be better utilized in your kitchen. Prepare yourself we are about to drop some knowledge.... OK? OK... Let's get to it.

1) Picking things up and put them down (Or dropping them on the floor)

A. WRONG WAY: Constantly picking up chopped or prepared foods to transfer them to a pan is inefficient and difficult...But I do that everyday what could possibly be wrong with that? Well... you are putting yourself at risk of dropping ingredients on the floor as well making extra work for yourself, wasting valuable time minute by minute and money in supplies.

B. RIGHT WAY: Use prep stations that have work surfaces that can be adjusted to your height to efficiently prep ingredients. Doesn't your back feel better just thinking about it? Also, make it easier to organize chopped goods by investing in a unit that allows you to slide ingredients from your cutting board straight into containers. Goodbye to the 5-second rule? … juuuuust kidding. But seriously….

2) Be a Space-Hog!

A. WRONG WAY: In a phenomenon known as ‘Parkinsons Law’, supplies tend to expand to fill any space (or resource) that’s available! (Think about how you’ve stretched out a home DIY project for a couple months, versus an emergency you took care of swiftly). You’re doing the same thing in the kitchen! Yes, we are talking to you! When prepping on a traditional worktable, we tend to inefficiently spread out pans and other items using up valuable real estate to get MORE done ( But we don't, it just creates clutter). Don't end up a work space hoarder!

B. RIGHTY WAY: Opt for a vertical system that allows you to organize and stack your prep supplies vertically under counter in a smaller footprint just a reach away. SO much space for prepping! It's like making extra space in a bedroom with two beds by turning them into bunk bed but with pans!

3) Keep Running Around for Ingredients.

A. WRONG WAY: Just like an episode of Chopped with the timer counting down, many prep chefs frantically run back and forth for food or pans, taking an unnecessary trip to the walk-in and other storage areas.Now, it is great exercise but it is very rough on the knees so we don't recommend it.

B. RIGHT WAY: With just a few accessories to hold pans and other prep tools nearby, you can have everything you need within arms reach.

4) Work at a height too low or too high.

A. WRONG WAY: When you are preparing foods at the wrong working height, you become fatigued, which causes interruptions and unneeded unsettling. Apparently, it takes you 23 minutes to get back into a state of “efficient flow.”Think of how much you can get done with that extra 23 minutes!

B. RIGHT WAY: ……………….., adjustable height work surface... simple as that

5) Patiently Wait for Prep Space to Appear magically

A. WRONG WAY: There’s only so much room in the kitchen, and if you have to wait, you’re AGAIN wasting valuable time. The reality is that much emergency prep is done on wobbly carts, buckets and a sheet pan over a trash can and it’s either unsafe or against code. We’ve all seen it!

B. RIGHT WAY: Sometimes, you need to create prep space on demand! Whether it’s in the walk-in or even the front of house. Find a mobile multi-purpose workstation that is not only study and has all the characteristics above, but finds one that has rigid or locking casters that stabilize your work-surface. Fortunately we offer a product, qwikset!