5 Steps To Knife Know-How

Do you have what it takes to master all necessary knife skills needed in the kitchen? It may be more complex than you think. You never know what may happen in a kitchen and you have to be prepared. So, sit down... relax... and get ready to be amazed by the art of the chop . Without further adieu here are 5 Steps to becoming a knife-skills master. 

Fruit Ninja - Knife Skills

1. Make sure you have the right tools for the job.

It is crazy how many knives there are on the market,and it can be a challenge to find the right one. There are short knives, tall knives, sharp knives, sharper knives, we could write a detailed book on all the different types of knives! Sadly, this very important decision is strenuous but you will know in your gut when you have a winner (because obviously your gut is the best way to make decisions and is always right). You will know by the confidence you get holding the proper blade much like the lady down there, you can just see the determination in those eyes, or is that anger? That cameraman should probably run... swiftly....

A woman brandishes a Microtech Giant Halo 3x, an oversized switchblade.

2. Know the right cuts for the job.

From the chiffonade, to the dice, to the Hack, Bruinoise, Decapitate, Filet, The Baton, The Batonnet, Stab, Julienne, Paysanne, and the classic Shred, there are many different cuts to choose from and they can be complex . So, know what you are cutting and how to cut it because if you don't put in the effort, then how do you expect to get a perfect chop? Much like the slice of the fruit ninja below, you must figure out the technique that will lead you to that perfect cut ,and maybe even the coolest GIF sequence ever created (the faux-hawk helps).

A man slices airborne fruit.

3. Do not leave sharp knives unattended!

Some food is not dead when it is delivered (crazy, right?) and leaving knives out can give them them upper hand in the kitchen. So, if you don't want injury at the hand of tonight's seafood special, be sure to hide your knives well. They are sneaky little buggers. Does anyone have an extended video of this GIF? Did the man survive? How does this happen? I have so many questions...

A crab brandishes a swtichblade.

4. Focus and trust your skill.

If you have made it this far, you are almost a fully knowledgeable knife master! Disclaimer: (not a real title there will be no certificates). However, even knife masters can be harmed by a blade, so find a friend who is not very smart and have them hold your items while you cut. It is important that your great chopping hands stay intact. So, convince a friend that they should risk themselves for the sake of the perfectly chopped carrots. Easy, right? (#tbt to when the knife challenge was a thing)

Two hands lay atop each other while a knife is jabbed between each finger.

5. Find the perfect mate.

It can be hard to find the perfect mate. Some people may not approve of your love of knives or your comic collection (don't worry we do here, this is a safe space). What if I told you there is a product out there that will stand by your side no matter what (knives included)? The PrepMate MultiStation will never give you a hard time for being late, will never leave your side when things get messy, and does not get a PFA against you for chasing it with knives. Boom! The perfect relationship, you're welcome, and no dating app or catfishing woes. Just you doing what you love with the ultimate supporter. If you want a PrepMate MultiStation of your own, contact the matchmakers at Metro today, you know you want to!

Man chops vegetables atop a PrepMat MultiSation.