Caravia Fresh Foods: A Metro Story

Caravia fresh foods is a family-owned deli and marketplace that focuses on fresh, organic foods and excellent sandwiches. This institution turned to Metro to improve efficiency in their prep areas.

Corey Laniewski, the prep chef at Caravia fresh foods, gave us his thoughts on the PrepMate prep table.

"With PrepMate, I actually have an easier time using my table and cutting board and my knife without having to lift things off and get them to a different container. My role is prep chef here. My job is to ensure that everything is prepared for today and tomorrow in terms of being sliced, chopped, and chilled overnight. Anything and everything within the kitchen to ensure that everything runs smoothly."

PrepMate is one of the only solutions on the market specifically designed for prep. The one-of-a-kind rail system holds a cutting board. Under the board, there is an area to hold prep containers. The design of the PrepMate allows you to easily slide prepped ingredients into the prep containers. The additional storage on the cart's bottom means that your pans and utensils can also be stored on the table.

Check out Caravia's website for access to delicious quality food.

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