Case Study: Indiana University Health Surgery Center finds Efficiency in Power

IU Health Ambulatory Surgery Center

The Indiana University Health system is the largest network of physicians in Indiana. The hospital’s unique relationship with the Indiana University School of Medicine gives each patient access to new, unique treatments. This constant innovation requires proper supply management and the use of modern patient organization techniques to ensure maximum efficiency

Case Study: Indiana University Health Surgery Center finds Efficiency in Power

.Case Overview

As with most healthcare facilities, the Indiana University Surgery Center is continuously updating to improve their patient experience. To achieve this, Patrick Beaupre, the Director of ASC Clinical Operations, focused his attention to improving efficiency in their recovery areas.

“We were renovating our recovery area, and the staff wanted to replace the fixed cabinets and computers that were originally in that area. Specifically, the staff requested a more efficient solution for supply organization and data on wheels.”

The Challenge

The Indiana University Health System is known for its constant push for innovation and improvement, not only in their treatment, but in their data processing and supply chain management as well. In this case, the staff called for a way to access patient data and necessary supplies that would be mobile and easy to access. Patrick has worked successfully with Metro on past projects, so he called on his Metro Rep, Jason Hadley, to help find a solution .

“They were looking for a mobile data solution”, recalled Jason Hadley. “ Timing was perfect as I knew that the PowerPod option was launching in a few months and convinced them to wait until its release. The biggest thing that they wanted was the mobility aspect. To them, the efficiency of mobility was essential. I knew Flexline equipped with PowerPod would deliver exactly what they were looking for”


The new PowerPod option was the ideal solution for the needs of the IUP Surgery Center’s recovery area. It offered the mobility and power they needed to and improved efficiency by combining supplies and data into one solution. The carts are placed in between each bed and are supplied by the individual nurses who use each station. The mobile computing also allows staff access to records quickly, and efficiently without having to consume valuable bedside space with another piece of equipment.

“The staff really like the carts,” said Patrick Beaupre, “They like that they can efficiently place their supplies and find them easier. The design of the carts allows them to keep everything pretty uniform and easy to access. The computers are a bonus too. They work perfectly, and my staff seems to like them.”

PowerPod is an on-board power supply that provides AC power to the computer and monitor. PowerPod can provide up to 15 hours of run-time on a single charge and be recharged to full within 2 hours. Flexline is a highly configurable cart line that provides the needed drawer storage and accessories to support the staff in their daily routine. Combining the computing power with the storage capacity ensures the clinical staff has exactly what the need on hand , whether it be electronic data or material supplies. This helps reduce the number of steps they have to take throughout the course of their day and creates more time that they can spend with the patient.

the new PowerPod mobile power source and the Flexline cart


By utilizing the new PowerPod mobile power source and the Flexline cart, the IU Surgery Recovery Center was able to condense its storage and data needs. The addition of the carts gave staff a more streamlined and efficient process to access supplies and patient records.
In the end, Metro was able to provide the IU Recovery Center with the mobile solutions they needed to improve their recovery center process to delight staff and to improve the patient experience through improved efficiency.