Hungry: A Metro Story

What is Hungry?

Hungry is the first platform to connect companies with top chefs throughout a region and provide exceptional business and office catering. Hungry is a very purpose-driven company focusing on enhancing the lives of people. It offers its chefs a better alternative career path where they can focus on what they love to do and do the best for their clients.

Hungry is a platform that provides incredible choice and variety, so their customers never run out of options to pick and choose from. It allows businesses and groups to gain access to much higher quality food made by top local chefs within their very best recipes, and it's a platform that ensures ultra-reliability, so we own delivery to make sure it's always on time and who write a high level of service to our clients

Where does Metro come in?

Hungry needed a reliable food carrier that maintained food quality while also being easy to transport. For that task, Hungry turned to the Mightylite pan carrier.

Here is what Jeff Grass, the CEO of Hungry, had to say about Metro's Mightylite pan carriers.

"Mightlite food carriers have really been a game-changer for us. They've really allowed us to move away from some of the old-school ways of food delivery. In the past, companies have been stuck using floppy bags that, you know, really aren't transporting food in a very safe or super effective way. Mightylite gives us maximum flexibility to get dishes where they need to go. They're very light and easy for our captains to carry in if they need to but also help make sure the food is transported in a way that it keeps the food totally safe and also at temperature for four hours at a time."

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