Improve Efficiency in HPLC Labs

Optimizing benchtop set-ups is one way to reinforce efficiency across your laboratory operations. Even subtle spatial modifications of equipment storage and workspace orientation can drive significant positive returns for the entire team in compliance and efficiency.

Metro's product line centers around customizable and configurable solutions across a wide range of dimensions so that every chromatography facility can build the workspace that best fits their needs. Consider the following sampling of ways in which equipment can help improve efficiency in HPLC labs.

Improve Efficiency in HPLC Labs

Supplies are available for every application.

With a wide range of recording supplies and potential applications for lab work, it's important to have materials readily available alongside stable set-ups that don't require fundamental overhauls of calibration routines every time a piece of equipment is utilized.

It is also essential within chromatography labs that solutions don’t cause inconsistency in how any calibrations are performed.

MetroMax carts help keep supplies on-hand for all team members no matter the application, reducing resources spent searching for tools, or even submitting duplicate orders for critical components. Your team can move swiftly through their tasks, maximize their daily productivity, and ensure optimal output from the laboratory.

Maintain a portable workspace to fit your lab's needs

Casters are not included with all carts since not every facility needs them, but they can be added to every cart to achieve optimal portability. A portable workspace can help you take testing wherever it is required. This can be incredibly helpful in maintaining top-quality sample submission in sensitive or low-volume samples.

Metro's line of caster wheels are designed for rugged use, so you can expect them to maintain both stability and maneuverability no matter where you take them. Additionally, these casters can lock in place to keep your cart still during use or inactivity.

Maximize every bit of lab space without compromising function

Crowded lab space can easily lead to contamination or error and caused failed audits and other internal quality control errors. Every lab faces the challenge of maximizing both their area and usability while maintaining a low level of errors.

Metro has many solutions catering to minimizing error. A few solutions we recommend include undershelf slides that can be placed to maximize space efficiency.

Dead space underneath shelving can come alive with these stable shelving units. These shelving accessories can be implemented at any time, not just during the initial lab design.

Avoid crowding bench space with organizing solutions.

A clear bench space reduces errors and allows for easier cleaning. Still, it is not always simple to corral the miscellaneous components ranging from equipment through small devices and even consumables. Staying organized while putting items away is critical for long-term organizational payoff. How can the team achieve this?

Use organizational solutions within the shelving itself, such as tote boxes. Easy to label, clean, and even rotate out as equipment needs change, these boxes can be selected and stored on all Metro shelving. These boxes are also designed to be impact resistant, which helps increase the longevity of supplies and reduce the need for laboratory item replacement.

HPLC is just one laboratory application that Metro products accommodate. We bring years of experience—optimizing laboratory work environments and building high-quality solutions that can endure rigorous daily use and sterilization—to the table.

As lab members engage with the workbenches and other laboratory spaces, needs may evolve--and with Metro products, your space can grow accordingly.