Maintenance Pays with C5 3 Series Cabinets

With any major appliance purchase, sometimes it can cost more to keep said appliance running than the initial investment in the product. When choosing the ideal heating and proofing cabinet, proper maintenance is an essential aspect to consider.The C5 3 Series has built-in features to ensure that adequate care can be completed efficiently.

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Cleaning ability

Removable Module–Having a removable module is a great way to get easy access to spills both on the module and under the cabinet. With the removable module, you can clean the module separately and reach the bottom of the cabinet without moving the entire cabinet itself.

Removable Slides- By choosing removable slides cleaning a holding cabinet is easier. The slides in the C5 3 Series cabinet can be taken out individually and cleaned. Having the slides out also makes it far easier to clean the inside of the unit itself. This is far more efficient than washing around slides that are difficult to move.

Removable Doors- To easily clean hard to reach areas around the hinges and other parts of the door components, the C5 3 Series has removable doors. To keep your cabinet as clean as possible you can remove the door and have easy access to the areas of the cabinet you usually would have trouble cleaning. This is a highly beneficial feature that makes cleaning far more manageable.


Servicing Cost reduction- Because the main technical component of the cabinet can be removed easily. In general fixes, it can be serviced quicker and easier than other heating or proofing cabinets. This allows you to potentially save on overall servicing costs if your servicing company is paid hourly. To find your local service company please view our Product Service Locator.

Anyone can change the module- the removable design allows for simple swapping out of the heating module if you have a spare one on hand. A great tool for operators with multiple cabinets, this eliminates any potential downtime while waiting for service to arrive!