Metro PPE- Access to Supplies when you need them Most

Throughout the pandemic, Metro has worked hard to introduce products to help facilities keep up with the growing demand for PPE. One of these products is the Super Erecta PPE cart system. These carts are comprised of Metro's durable Super Erecta product line and can be personalized to fit any work area or hallway.

Metro PPE- Access to Supplies when you need them Most

Metro PPE carts can be placed wherever they are needed within your facility and offer a cost-effective design. Carts have an open-air design to help limit the amount of dust and debris on the materials and can be customized to create the ideal size for your needs. 

The cart pictured was used in a project to create mobile PPE stations that could be placed throughout the facility where quick PPE changes are necessary. These carts are easy to move, so they can be put into different areas regularly as the facility's needs change. 

Each cart can be personalized with a handle option that is ideal for transport within your facilities. The Super Erecta PPE carts are paired with heavy-duty casters for easy maneuverability through winding hallways. The number of shelves and accessories is entirely customizable based on the amount of PPE necessary in each area of the facility.

Facilities find these carts helpful in their fight to help improve the access employees have to PPE. By investing in mobile solutions, you can create a fleet of PPE solutions that can be moved wherever they are needed.

These products were the ideal choice for Mass. General Hospital. When they started looking for a PPE solution, this hospital wanted to keep their storage solutions standardized. With the help of Metro’s products, they turned to one of Metro’s dealers, CME, to help build-out the facility's solutions and supporting services.

"They [Mass General] reached out via Metro’s online quoting tool for a list of parts – I worked with end-user to  tweak the configuration, and provide a drawing. They purchased a prototype cart, and made some revisions – we then quoted thru CME for the assembly, install logistics," said Ellin Scalise the Metro salesperson on the project.

The carts are currently implemented as PPE stations within the facility and have been standardized with the use of accessories. This means that all the carts have the same general design and allow for easy access to materials without having to search.

Each area of the cart is adjustable to fit bins of your choice and include a worksurface to stage products. Other materials like dividers and labels can be added for additional organization. 

Metro PPE carts      Metro PPE cart

These PPE carts are an easy- to -use solution for the staff to keep PPE organized and accessible.

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