Metro Space School : Wet-Nesting

What is Wet-Nesting?

Wet-nesting is a build-up of bacteria caused by stacking wet dishes. Wet nesting can affect the quality of food and even cause illness if not monitored. Due to the issues, wet-nesting can cause, the FDA guidelines require dishes to be appropriately air-dried to limit contaminants.

Is towel-drying safe?

Towel drying is frowned upon by the FDA. This is because work cloth and towels, even after washing, may be contaminated during storage or other kitchen activities. In short, no, towel drying is not a proper way to handle dish drying.

How do you avoid Wet Nesting?

Limiting wet-nesting is pretty simple. Regulate the number of dishes, pots, and pans in use. Also, ensure that you are equipped with a drying rack that provides proper airflow for the dishes to air dry properly. Ensuring that the dishes have adequate airflow will help them dry faster and prevent the growth of bacteria.

What if I don’t have room for a full-size drying rack?

Metro offers multiple solutions that limit wet-nesting without taking up space on the washroom floor. One of the most popular solutions is SmartWall. This versatile solution can be customized with multiple drying accessories, including a rack system, hooks, and a grid to hold utensils. The best part? It gets hung on the wall, so you do not lose any floor area, adding this solution to your kitchen or washroom area.

What if my drying area doesn’t include proper drainage for the excess water?

Metro has you covered. The last thing you want to worry about is a slippery floor in your dish area. It is not only a sanitary concern but a safety one as well. Staff slipping and injuring themselves is a significant concern. To alleviate this issue, Metro drying racks come with the option of a drip tray. The drip tray sits under the rack and catches all of the excess water as it falls off the dishes. It is eliminating any puddles caused by drying.

What type of rack should I be using for drying?

The most important thing to remember when looking for a drying solution is corrosion resistance. You generally want to steer clear of chrome. Instead, invest in dish racks made with a polymer plastic or an epoxy coating. Polymer offers the strength of wire with the convenient cleanability of plastic. This solution is the best option for a drying area because it will never corrode and rust. Epoxy is also a solution for the drying area. Epoxy coating is corrosion-resistant, so it is far safer in humid and wet areas.

What accessories will I need to prevent Wet-Nesting?

The most important thing you will need to prevent wet-nesting is a proper dish rack. Dishes should have enough space that they are not touching each other. It should also provide plenty of extra room for air to get through to dry the dishes. Pegs baskets and racks are the best way to give this space, while also making it possible to dry multiple dish types without separate full racks.

Pegs are a great solution for holding items like cutting boards upright to ensure they dry properly. Basket shelves are great for larger items like pots, pans, and other cooking tools. Finally, plate racks are an ideal solution to hold plates and separate. This allows them to dry properly without taking up too much space. 

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