PCB Storage and Transport Supplies You Need

As technology continues to evolve and take a more prominent role in the lives of people around the world, the demand for printed circuit boards has increased.

PCBs are crucial to the electronics industry and are vital components of everything from smartphones and laptops to industrial machinery and automotive systems. AI, 3D printing, 5G networks, EVs, and machine learning algorithms are also contributing to the surge. In 2024, the PCB Market size is estimated at USD 76.12 billion and is expected to reach USD 93.87 billion by 2029 (source).

With demand for printed circuit boards only expected to rise in the future, it is becoming more critical for PCB manufacturers to have proper processes for storing and transporting materials. 


The lifetime of the parts can be directly affected by how they are handled during the manufacturing process. Without proper PCB storage and transport processes in place, manufacturers risk damaging the printed circuit boards, rendering them useless for electronics manufacturing.

At Metro, we offer a variety of ESD and PCB solutions to ensure that these critical materials are kept intact during storage and transport.

Here are some solutions that help protect electrical components during these processes.

ESD-Safe Trays

The slightest bit of wayward static could break fragile connections, attract particles that could destroy the circuit boards during manufacturing, and significantly affect efficiency.

Electrostatic discharge in the technology manufacturing industry is responsible for over 1/3 of product loss during the manufacturing process of semiconductor materials.

Metro ESD trays offer protection from static and an organized way to store materials. Each tray is comprised of fiberglass. The tray provides a large amount of storage space to handle PCB boards in various sizes.

Metro trays are designed to minimize handling damage, maximize throughput, and provide superior ESD protection. This makes Metro ESD trays a must-have for any PCB manufacturing facility.

ESD Tray Inlays

For a superior level of protection, Metro offers ESD tray inlays. These inlays provide an added layer of protection with a soft surface that has been cushioned for PCB transport.

The trays are easy to clean and maintain while also providing a superior level of resistance to heat, chemicals, and abrasions that would be common in PCB manufacturing.

These trays are especially great for maintaining a safe environment for the PCB boards during transport.

PCB Handling Carts

If you’re working with a lot of circuit boards and electronics components, it’s important to handle them with care. Metro SmartTray PCB carts are an excellent solution for transporting and storing PCB boards and other electronic components.

Each cart comes with the Metro ESD trays included. The pre-configured PCB carts offer both economy and premium tray options. The premium trays provide the addition of the ESD tray inlays.

Carts come in two size options, one capable of managing 20 trays and one capable of holding and transporting 30 trays.

PCB handling carts are also available in front-load and side-load options depending on the most convenient load design for your facility.

Carts can also be outfitted with grounding wires and other accessories for whatever application.

Static-Protective Cart Covers

Metro ESD cart covers provide exceptional static protection with a conductive outside and a dissipative inside, helping to keep the cart contents from being affected by static.

Adding a cover to your cart is a great way to ensure each component maintains its integrity even when in motion.

Safe Storage and Organization

When it comes to parts handling in a tech lab, storage and organization are key. Metro’s divider tote boxes offer a safe and efficient method to store electronic components within this specific environment.

We carry totes made from electrically conductive and electrically dissipative, so you can choose the right product for your storage needs, whether you want the static charge flow to move quickly or at pace.

Our black totes are made from Bentron™, a conductive polypropylene-base material that contains a carbon additive to provide an electrically conductive path through the material.

Our blue totes are made with Benstat™, Metro’s patented static dissipative polypropylene-base material.

Our grey totes are made from a standard polypropylene-base resin material that is impact-resistant, durable, and has a high chemical resistivity.

Trust Metro for Your PCB Storage and Transport Solutions

PCBs form the backbone of electronic devices, and with an ever-increasing market demand, their importance cannot be overstated. Because circuit boards and other electronic components are sensitive to ESD and other damage, ensuring proper storage and transport is key.

At Metro, advancements in technology is at the forefront of our mind, which is why we offer a variety of smart solutions designed to maintain the safest possible environment for PCBs, hard drives, and sub-assemblies.

For more electronic-safe designs, visit our website.