Pizza Warmers That Will Change Your Operation

In the modern era of at-home dining, it has become extremely important for restaurants to focus on maintaining food quality. This is highly true for operations that focus on pizza.

There is no better quick meal than a gooey, cheesy, steaming pizza picked up after work or delivered right to your door.

On the other hand, there is no bigger disappointment than receiving a cold, tough, soggy pizza upon delivery or pick-up.

Keep your product delicious (and your customers happy!) by investing in a proper pizza warmer. 

Pizza Warmers that will change your Operation

Maintaining the quality of your product is essential, especially when it comes to pizzas. One way to do this is by investing in a proper pizza warmer. With numerous options, it can be challenging to decide on the best solution for your pizza restaurant. In this guide, we will help you explore some of the options and choose the most suitable one for your specific needs.

Pizza Warming Shelf

The most versatile option for keeping pizzas hot, fresh, and delicious is a heated shelf. Heated shelves can be used on tabletops for operations with a quicker turnaround.

The SuperErecta Hot shelf is a great solution for operations looking to optimize their holding space. These shelves can be paired with SuperErecta posts to create an entire shelving unit of heated shelves or to add a heated shelf to your existing unit. Each shelf has its own temperature control, so you can set each shelf temperature based on the type of pizza that will be held there, up to 200°F.

Check out these warming shelves for pizza and other takeout operations. 

Heated Pizza Display

For an organized and efficient pick-up area, heated display stations are a great solution. Takeout display cases offer easy sectioning for orders and are visually appealing when customers come in to pick up their food. 

To create an efficient display, look for an option that has compartments that work for your products. If your main focus is pizza, check out the Metro2Go stations.

These to-go stations pair perfectly with pizza operations. There are multiple units to choose from, one is even sized specifically for pizza boxes. The pass-thru design makes it easy to load food and allows customers to interact on the other side. Polycarbonate sliding doors add security and increase holding times by retaining heat. 

View our selection of Metro2Go Hot Stations.

Heated Workstation

For more space-conscious operations, it is best to find a solution that can be worked in without costing counter space or space on the floor. To achieve this, we offer Super Erecta Hot workstations with heating elements. This gives your team a full table to work on while also incorporating a holding element for orders awaiting pickup or delivery.

This solution is particularly great for operations with a delivery system. The table offers an area to place pizzas in thermal bags and check orders. The heated shelf element keeps the food warm while waiting to be taken to its final destination.

Available in 3 sizes, all Super Erecta Hot Workstations include a 24” deep stainless steel work surface, one Super Erecta Hot Heated Shelf, one Super Erecta chrome wire shelf, two chrome 3-sided frames, and chrome Super Erecta SiteSelect posts.

View our selection of heated workstations. 

Holding and Proofing Cabinet

If you are looking for a solution that gives you some extra bang for your buck, look no further than a dual heating and proofing cabinet. This solution provides exceptional proofing as the dough is prepped for the day, while also offering superior warming for pizzas when they come out of the oven.

The Metro C5 3 Series is a perfect solution for holding orders of various sizes while keeping them separate and organized. The clear front door makes locating orders easy. If proofing isn’t a game-changer for your operation, you can also switch out the cabinet module to one that only focuses on holding.

Learn more about the C5 3 Series. 

Keep Your Pizza Hot with Metro's Heated Solutions 

At Metro, we offer flexible and efficient ways to keep your pizza hot because we know how important it is to retain food quality while awaiting taking or delivery. Whether you're looking for heated shelving, workstations, or holding cabinets, Metro offers the best methods to ensure your prepared food stays hot while serving, staging, or holding.

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