Prime and Proper: A Metro Story

Prime and Proper is a classic Steakhouse reimagined to be a more modern, 21st century take on old-fashioned steak houses. A large part of their operation focuses on doing all of their dry-aging in-house. The facility features a 14-foot wide wood fire grill where all of the steaks are cooked. That sounds delicious! But, the real star of the show is the restaurant's dry-aged meat.

What is Dry-Aging?

Here is a definition straight from Executive Chef Ryan Prentiss.

"Dry-aging is just a great process because as it ages some of that the moisture inside of that beef the water is removed which essentially concentrates the flavors within that particular piece of meat and then as those proteins and enzymes kind of break things down and it really changes the overall flavor and just makes it absolutely fantastic."

Since dry-aging is such a careful and strenuous process, the Prime and Proper team wanted the best shelving system for their dry-aging room. This shelving would need to hold hundreds of pounds of expensive meat and handle harsh environmental factors. In the end, they chose MetroMax.

Why MetroMax?

"The MetroMax shelving is really great for that dry aging space. I know I have seen drying rooms where thepieces of beef going on those shelves are extremely heavy. They also tend to have bones that can be very sharp, and they can gouge metal-epoxy that is on some of the other types of shelving, so it helps us kind of not have to worry about any of that coming off and any rust or anything."

Prentiss also stressed the importance of shelving on casters that can be moved. The mobile aspect allows his staff an easier rotation of product and the ability to organize cuts based on the amount of time they have been in the dry-aging room.  

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