The Anthracite Café: A Metro Story

The Anthracite Café and top cuisine catering is a catering company and restaurant located in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

The Anthracite café is a family-oriented operation that focuses on serving high-quality food. They offer a wide variety of food including homegrown vegetables a lot of fresh spices and unique dishes that have made the Anthracite a local favorite.

As part of the restaurant’s business model Anthracite also does a large amount of business in the catering industry. Currently, the Anthracite caters 250-300 parties a year. A majority of their catering business is off-premises.

The biggest challenge the staff faced was getting food to an event event is keeping it hot that's where Mightylite comes into play.

The Mightylite makes the transport of dishes easy with its light weight. Thee insulated properties of the Mightylite help to keep the dishes hot to the point of steaming even when the staff was traveling up to 15 miles.

According to staff no other carrier they tried was able to maintain that amount of heat during transport. Another aspect of the Mightylite the team at Anthracite enjoyed was the easy-to-lift handles and the stackable design.

Mike Prushinski, the Owner and Operator of the Anthracite marveled at how easy the Mightylite made transport for his team.

“When we have a situation where we're feeding 150 people there's a lot of food involved and Mightylite comes into the play here. I don't need to send five six people to set an event Mightylite takes our people down to one or two they stack well Mightylite makes it a lot lighter and easier.”

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