The Essential Equipment Guide to Start Your Catering Business

So you have decided to turn your passion into a profitable business (now what?); you have the abilities, the experience, now you just need the tools. Taking on a new industry can be scary but with the right preparation you will be cultivating clients at events in no time. Here is a list of necessary tools to take on your new role in the catering industry:

Insulated Pan Carriers

Make sure your food arrives at the right temperature with insulated pan carriers. Food kept at the improper temperature lacks quality and can be dangerous to eat. Easy to handle pan carriers can help maintain temperatures for hours. There are a variety of options; some are light enough to be carried easily by hand. Carriers also come in a variety of different sizes to fit your needs.

Chafing Dishes

Keep food warm and presentable with stainless steel chafing dishes. Chafing dishes are extremely important to the presentation and quality of your products. If you plan on holding multiple dishes often bigger chafing dishes may be more effective for your buffet- style dining set up. When buying chafing dishes consider buying them as a set; having chafing dishes that don’t match can make you seem unprofessional.

Chafing fuel Cans

You’ll need a large supply of chafing fuel cans to heat the food in the chafing dishes. Buy in bulk to make sure you always have a supply. Also look into your options are gel or wick cans better for you? Also be sure that you have a designated bag and procedure to transport cans, having them in the wrong place can be a major fire hazard.


Looking professional is important, having matching uniforms is one way to ensure that your staff looks great and can be easily identified. Uniforms are easy to personalize and can help you to further your brand; whether you run a barbecue catering company or a fancy 5- star culinary business you can get a uniform that best conveys your business.

Serving Utensils

Your staff will need plenty of serving utensils to portion out the food for guests. These have a way of getting dropped and misplaced; make be sure you have plenty on hand at all times.

Busser Tubs

After the catering event is over, you’ll need a large quantity of busser tubs on hand for cleanup. You’ll be able to quickly toss in everything you came with and clear out of the venue in no time. It will make cleanup easier on you, and will leave a good impression with the venue and the client.

Now that you have the essential equipment guide to start your catering business, let nothing get in the way of realizing your ambition. Some of the most successful culinary professionals in the world, like Martha Stewart and Ina Garten, began their careers by catering. You never know where this exciting industry will take you!