Top 3 Reasons To Choose Plastic Shelving For your Dry-Aging Operation

One of the most important things to consider when starting a dry aging operation is your dry aging storage system. Whatever option you choose, it needs to be able to handle harsh conditions and large amounts of weight. So, when deciding on your perfect solution make sure that you consider a plastic shelving option. Plastic shelving is easier to clean, strong, and can be a great option to optimize your dry-aging area, Here are 3 reasons to consider plastic shelving for your dry-aging operation.

1. 100% Rust- proof

Plastic shelving can handle Rough Environments-

Plastic shelving is a great tool to take on the harsh conditions that dry aging requires. According to the US Meat Export Federation, the prime atmosphere for dry aging requires a constant temperature between 32°- 39°f. The USMEF also suggest that the relative humidity of the cooler be between 80 - 85%. This can create conditions that even the best shelving can have trouble standing up to. So, you need to pick a shelving option that can handle the corrosion- prone environment . Plastic shelving is a great option when it comes to the avoidance of corrosion in the dry aging room. It is generally designed to handle harsh environments and some options are just as strong as their metal shelving counter parts. However ,if you are still uncertain and want to make sure that your money is being spent wisely ( who doesn't?) ,then when choosing your shelving option, also find a company that offers a corrosion warranty. That way in the event that corrosion does occur on your shelving you don't have to worry about replacing it totally out of pocket.

Epoxy doesn't quite Stack up-

One of the top competitors for plastic in the dry aging room is epoxy coated wire. This makes sense as epoxy coated shelving is generally able to handle rough conditions and has a strong structure. The problem is, it just isn't made for dry aging. The epoxy on shelving can be taken off by a sharp bone and begin to rust. This rust ruins your dry aged meats making them unhealthy to serve. So, though epoxy is an okay option for rough areas, there are better options when it comes to dry aging.

Safe for Food Contact-

Certain plastic shelving units are made of food- safe polypropylene, so you will never have to worry about loosing your expensive dry aged cuts to unsanitary shelving.There are also units that include anti-microbial technology than inhibits the growth of bacteria on the shelf, making them a more sanitary option for constant food contact,

2.Easy to Clean

It can be difficult to keep things clean when they hold raw meat for long periods of time ( goes without saying). To make your life a little easier between cuts, consider plastic shelving options. They are easier to clean, and many can be broken down and simply tossed in the dishwasher. Why do extra work? Find a unit that makes cleaning easier on you and your staff. By choosing plastic shelving at the start of your dry aging operation, you can save time on clean up and spend more time on what really matters.. the art of dry aging. Bacterial build up can also be a factor to consider when on the hunt for the perfect dry aging shelf. Something to consider when choosing a shelving option is an antimicrobial in the manufacturing process, that can keep mold and bacteria off the shelves themselves. This can extend their lives and make it easier to keep them cleaner overtime.

3. Handles the Pressure

Whether or no a product can handle the proper weight of your products is a very important aspect of your storage solution search. It would be a shame to lose a beautifully aged steak to a faulty shelf. Be sure that your shelving can handle the pressure. Now I know what you may be thinking. Why would I choose plastic shelving if I need maximum durability? Well, believe it or not, some plastic shelving options are able to hold 1000 lbs. per shelf. So, you get the plastic benefits but without the fear of loosing your prized cuts.