Efficiency Solutions to Combat Worker Shortage in Warehouses

In recent years worker shortages have been a top news story, especially in the arena of blue-collar jobs. Experts have discussed the cultural shift away from warehousing jobs for a long time.


However, the newer generation's focus on education and decreasing interest and qualification in blue-collar careers mixed with the worker shortage brought forward by Covid-19 has created efficiency issues for manufacturing and distribution centers everywhere.

And with the Department of Labor continuing to show more job openings than workers available, the need to build efficiency in other places is imperative.

At Metro, our team has been working hard to create solutions that provide your team's efficiency to get the job done even if they are short-staffed.

Overhead Storage Workstations

Keeping materials directly above work areas help to minimize unnecessary movements that affect efficiency.

In the lean ideology, additional movement is considered a form of waste. This waste takes up employee time spent doing more practical tasks.

Keeping all the materials your team needs in arms reach eliminates wasted time and effort.

Don’t lose efficiency due to poor supply design. Invest in solutions that are built to enhance efficiency.

Track Shelving

Properly utilize all necessary space by investing in a  track shelving system. Track shelving is highly beneficial because it creates up to 40% more storage space when compared to standard shelving designs.

Track shelving creates efficient picking processes with active isles that can be opened and moved for easy material access. Metro track shelving is also compatible with Metro shelving accessories, including dividers and labels.

Security Shelving

To keep supplies safe while maintaining easy access to said materials, Metro offers  security shelving. Metro security shelving is excellent for protecting your more expensive supplies or products and can be paired with multiple lock types to fit your needs.

The security shelving options also have the option of being mobile. This means that the cart can always be moved to the most convenient location for the best possible access to materials.

It also ensures that these cages can be moved as you work out your lean processes. This is an important option to consider because lean models should continuously be updated as forms of waste are discovered.

Picking Carts

Metro offers multiple picking solutions customized with bins and add-ons to help eliminate human errors, making it easier for a smaller team to pick efficiently. Our ergonomically built carts also help minimize fatigue through thoughtful, easy to maneuver designs.

Two-Bin Storage Solutions

One of the most popular lean solutions in two bin visual inventory systems. Two-bin ideology is pretty simple. The bin in the front is the picking bin. That is where employees would grab products for order fulfillment. Behind that bin is a fully stocked bin with a set amount of product.

Once the picking bin is empty, the storage bin is brought forward to take its place, and a new storage bin is added.
This system is considered one of the most efficient ways to keep smaller inventory organized. Metro offers multiple solutions built specifically for use with a two-bin storage system.

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