Swivel Caster with Brake

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Mobiize Your Shelving

Portable shelving units function better and offer greater versatility when they're equipped with shelving castors with brakes. These castors increase the mobility of shelving units and allow them to be moved and parked almost anywhere.

Shelving castors with brakes serve useful purposes during many social events, and they meet practical needs throughout the house. Portable shelving units may be parked in the backyard during barbecues where they hold food, beverages and utensils or games, candles and the stereo. In the kitchen, home chefs and bakers may place ingredients, cooling racks and extra baking dishes on the portable shelves. During birthday parties, portable shelves sort the gifts and hold goodie bags, the cake or the paper products. Shelving units that are equipped with castors with brakes also organize toys, books and art supplies in a playroom and sort tools, cleats and spare wood in the garage.

Versatile and sturdy, shelving castors with brakes easily attach to numerous shelving units. They expand storage capacity, improve social functions and organize every room of the house.

The beneficial features owners appreciate include:

  • Swivel capacity
  • Quiet rolling
  • Shock absorption
  • Operates on smooth or uneven surfaces
  • Resists grease and oil
  • Nickel or Zinc finish