Swivel Casters

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Shelving Caster for Mobile Storage

When entertaining, organizing or decorating, shelving castors without brakes come in handy. They allow carts and wire storage units to move wherever the homeowner, apartment dweller or dorm student needs them.

The sturdy shelving castors increase mobility of numerous carts and shelving units. Users appreciate their use in multiple locations.

  • Store seasonal garments on a hanging rack in the attic.
  • Sort games, food or gifts during an outdoor birthday party.
  • Hold linens and toiletries in the bathroom.
  • Add hanging space or shelves to a guest room.
  • Hold tools and toys in the garage.
  • Arrange cleaning supplies in the basement.

Because they don't have brakes, operators will need to take care when placing shelving units. However, these castors do operate on most surfaces. They resist oil and grease, making them excellent additions to kitchens, garages and workshops. Likewise, they feature shock absorption that prevents bouncing as the portable storage is moved between rooms or locations.

Indoors or outdoors, shelving castors without brakes increase storage, maximize organization and customize events. They're a sturdy, reliable and versatile addition to new and existing storage solutions.