Sterile Processing Department Gallery

  • MetroMax Install

    MetroMax is a great solution to organize and maintain any sterile storage area.

  • Sterile Storage Accessories

    Pair MetroMax with dividers for an organized sterile storage system.

  • Track Sterile Storage Shelving

    Add up to 40% more storage space with track shelving.

  • Full-Room Storage Design

    Make the most of corner space with smart design choices.

  • Custom Solutions

    Build your ideal transport and storage solutions.

  • Fully Stocked Sterile Storage Room

  • MetroMax Sterile Storage

    Keep you storage areas clean and efficient with a MetroMax storage system.

  • Utilize ALL you Space

    Adding S hooks to preexisting corner units can add storage without and make accessing supplies easier.

  • SPD Wrapping Tables

    Create a streamlined wrapping process with workstations from Metro.

  • Enclosed Sterile Storage

    Enclosed storage can add another layer of protection to packs.