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Generally speaking, all nickel-chrome plated and stainless steel Metro Super Erecta Shelving can be classified as conductive providing aluminum split sleeves are used to secure shelves to posts and, concurrently, provide at least one path to ground via a grounding cable and/or conductive casters.

Products include:

  • Aluminum Split Sleeves: Required for ESD applications and high temperature situations (+120 degrees F)
  • Grounding Cable: provides an effective method of electrostatic discharge for any Metro wire shelf unit (stationary or mobile) when used in conjunction with aluminum split sleeves. Our drag cables ensure a conductive path to ground when used with ESD flooring.
  • Conductive Casters: Recommended for use in ESD applications in conjunction with the ASKCR or ASK16S Grounding Cable.
  • Conductive Cart Covers: Recommended for protection and cleanliness of ESD sensitive materials on Metro Super Erecta carts.
    ESD Classification: Conductive outer surface and static dissipative inner surface.