Ron Ben-Israel Cakes : A Metro Story

Ron Ben-Israel cakes specializes in creating one-of-a-kind unique cakes for special occasions. 

Initially Ron Ben Israel cakes were brought to some of the top locations in New York City such as the St. Regis or the Pierre hotel.

While at these locations, Owner and Operator Ron Ben-Israel I noticed that behind the house they were using Metro shelving for storage and immediately fell in love with the product.

“I figured out that if I brought those shelves to line out my studio and bakery they would actually contribute to the sense of clarity and style that I wanted to convey to our clients when I was searching to define my aesthetic brand, I actually stripped away everything that was superfluous I was looking for very clean sixteenth lines that were also functional just like the metal shelving having a very strong direction of style and function.”

Ron Ben- Israel takes great pride in their space at the bakery studio and every item they use to

manufacture cakes also function as a display piece. Each piece of the bakery’s design is seen as a piece of their image even the chairs are a part of what we convey to the client in the public. To maintain the clean minimalist design, Metro shelving is used both inside the refrigerators in the kitchen and as part of the studio.

Ron Ben-Israel also pointed out Metro’s classic American heritage in his decision making.

“Clients get to see that we have a design direction stability and cleanliness for me the Metro brand has always been identified as an American icon. Part of the vision of the America I choose to call home it's a strong product it's very stable and consistent the design direction is so strong and clear and the products are designed to last forever”

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