Lean Solutions to Combat Staff Shortages in Hospitals

For months, labor shortages in the healthcare industry have been a top news story with the increased need for medical care. However, a recent study by Mercer suggests these staffing issues are not only here to stay but will increase exponentially in upcoming years.

Maximize efficiency and protect your facility by proactively addressing shortages and streamlining processes. Metro solutions are designed to optimize your space and combat waste while creating processes that help minimize the damage to hospital efficiency caused by the continuous healthcare labor shortage.

Keep reading to learn how Metro products can help combat hospital shortages through the implementation of lean healthcare solutions. istock-1299074781

Flexline Computerized Carts

Metro offers multiple computerized cart options to provide efficient data access within various applications.

Each cart can be designed around you with flexible options to help solve your storage problems and make it easier for individual team members with specialized tasks in areas like anesthesiology.

The carts include an attached PowerPod battery system that allows access to the computerized cart pieces without needing an outlet or to reboot the system each time the cart is taken to a new patient room.

These advanced procedure and supply carts can help decrease the time needed to care for each patient and create more efficient processes.

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Starsys XD Storage Cabinets

Starsys XD cabinets are a game-changer for operations looking to go lean. They offer the security of a cabinet with the added density needed to enact a lean two-bin storage system .

The lean two-bin approach focuses on visual inventory. Each supply is held in two bins: one bin is for picking while the other bin is directly behind it, stocked and ready to move forward as soon as the picking bin is empty. This process improves efficiency in restocking materials and makes inventory easier at the end of the day because only the front bin will need to be manually counted.

See how two-bin has been able to improve processes in other hospital operations.

Starsys XD is highly customizable with two-door style options, including a solid door and a clear door that keeps items secure while easily visualizing the internal contents.

To meet the security requirements of your facility, Starsys XD offers three different security options: non-locking, key locking, and electric pin locking.

If you are looking for an easily cleanable storage solution, Starsys XD solid stainless steel shelving is a great option.

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Find what you need quickly with the qwikSIGHT basket shelving system. The open design makes locating materials easier and organizing supplies fast and efficient. These basket shelves can be customized with accessories and purchased in stationary and mobile solutions.

The shelves are cantilevered and can be adjusted at an angle for easier visibility and access to materials. Each basket is specially constructed to offer maximum durability and safety.

qwikSIGHT shelves have a specific smooth edge design that prevents injury caused by wire sticking out in other wire shelving designs. The safe-edge design is also great because it prevents supplies from being ruined by torn sterile wrapping.

This saves money and ensures that every team member can access what they need quickly, helping improve patient care. 

Learn how qwikSIGHT shelving helps improve your lean processes by reducing waste.

Track Shelving

Increase your storage capabilities by 50% compared to traditional shelving with Metro track shelving. Track shelving comes in various designs, with wire and plastic units available.

This is an excellent solution for general and sterile storage due to its high capacity. Lack of storage space and organization is a common problem in hospitals, and our track shelving helps you make the most of what space you have available.

Each unit has movable shelves that create an active aisle, making it easy for staff to access anything they might need on the shelves. Finding what you need quickly is particularly important when dealing with hospital staff shortages.

Track shelving is also compatible with Metro’s shelving accessory collection.

Build your ideal track shelving virtually with the Metro Track Builder.

Implement Lean Healthcare Practices with the Help of Metro

With the likelihood of healthcare labor shortages not only sticking around but also potentially worsening, it’s important to implement smart and efficient solutions across your hospital. Through implementing lean healthcare solutions and with the help of Metro products, you can maintain efficiency and high patient care standards despite staffing shortages.

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